Altar Server Coordinator

Our coordinators train, schedule, and mentor our team of  Altar Servers.
Time Commitment: One hour Mass as needed. 

Baptism Set-Up Team

This team welcomes the newest members of our Church and our Faith by setting up the necessary items needed for the Baptism ceremony.  
Time Commitment:  20-30 minutes after the 12:00 Mass (3x/year).

Cleaning the Altar

These volunteers help clean the altar once a week. 
Time Commitment:  1 hour/week

Church Decorating

These generous people offer their time and talent to help decorate the sanctuary for Holidays and Special Events!
Time Commitment: 30 minutes, twice a year. 

Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist

These volunteers assist in administering the body and blood of the Lord to fellow parishioners at the Mass of your choice.  It is an honor to be able to serve Christ in this fashion.
Time Commitment: 1 Mass per month.

Lay Witness Speaker

These gifted people share their faith story with the parish.  They provide a strong message about giving of one’s gifts (time, talent, and financial resources) in gratitude for what God has given them.  The only skill needed is to feel comfortable speaking to a group about your personal faith story.
Time Commitment: Once a year at the Mass of your choice.



Rosary Prayer Leader

As a Minister of the Word, you would bring to life the Old and New Testament personalities, happenings, and teachings while reading at the Mass of your choice
Time Commitment: 1 Mass per month.
Come see Mass and other parish activities through a different lens.  This ministry is for those interested in running the live-streaming camera for our You Tube  Masses  and other events as needed.  Training will be provided.
Time Commitment: 1 Mass per month.
Share the Rosary, the powerful prayer of devotion to God, through devotion to Mary, by leading and praying the Rosary before Mass. 
Time Commitment:  20 minutes before Mass/once a month.


Stations of the Cross Leader

Behind the scenes is a small group of people who do their best to make the Mass or other services meaningful, spiritual, and efficient.  Under the guidance of Mrs. Denise Bommarito, the sacristans ensure that the altar is prepared for every service and the priests who serve St. Peter's have everything they need.
Time Commitment:  One Mass per month.
Volunteers lead fellow parishioners in the Stations of the Cross during the Lenten season.
Time Commitment: 1 hour once a year.

St. Peter Altar Society

The Altar Society is a group of dedicated and devoted women of all ages that come together to give of their energy and talents for the good of the parish family, the glory of God, and with a commitment that distinguishes the society as one of service.  They provide, as much as possible, the things used about the Altar and in the Sanctuary .
Time Commitment: Meet once a month September-December and March-June, and as needed, on various projects held throughout the year.


 Washing Church Linens

Our ushers do a wonderful job creating a welcoming and prayerful atmosphere by greeting parishioners, taking up collections, assisting people throughout the Liturgy, and giving out the parish bulletin.
Time Commitment: 1 ½ hours per month.
This ministry is filled with many gifted people who we can call on to help keep our church linens clean and bright!
Time Commitment: Varies according to your wishes.

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