Teen Volunteers

Volunteer opportunities for our middle school and high school parishioners. 

Service Opportunities

Volunteer for various service projects around the parish.  

Bake & Prepare Food

Coffee & Donuts Vacuuming Crew

Be a part of the rotating team that bakes and prepares food for various parish events.
Help vacuum and wipe down tables after Sunday coffee & donuts. 

Greeter (Grades 6-12)

Children's Choir (Grades 2-8)

Child Care  (Grades 7-12)

Must volunteer with your parent.  Greet parishioners as they enter the building for Mass. 

Mercy in Action Day

Volunteer with your parent on this one day a year where our parish helps others in the community. 
Join our children's choir and help make a joyful noise for the Lord! 

Parish Community Garden

(Off premises).  Help with various jobs around our community vegetable garden. 
These volunteers help adults in the parish provide child care for our youngest parishioner while their parents attend parish events.

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