Youth Ministry


Chaperones are our fearless leaders on trips and retreats! These volunteers can make our trips and retreats memorable for our students by joyfully living out their faith!
Time Commitment: Varies by event

Core Team

The Core team is made up of teen and adult leaders depending on the team you join! The EDGE Core Team is made up of students leaders and adults to help run EDGE nights! The Life Teen Core Team is a group of adults who help to lead each Life Night!
Time Commitment: Varies according to availability

Hospitality Leader

Volunteer helps before each EDGE and Life Night to welcome our teens, give directions, welcome parents and guests and make everyone feel noticed and wanted!
Time Commitment: 30 Minutes before each Youth Night

Small Group Leader

Small Group Leaders help to mentor and walk with teens in their faith journey. Training and resources are provided.  
Time Commitment: Varies

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Vacation Bible School


The VBS Director organizes and supervises the entire effort of vacation Bible School.

A/V Tech

Helps with all audio and visual equipment!

Cinema Leader

Helps organize and lead the cinema part of VBS.

Craft Leader

Leads crafts and organizes volunteers for crafts. 

Crew Leaders

Care for and lead children throughout the week.

Assistant Crew Leaders

Each crew leader has an assistant to help organize and lead the children in the crew. 


Organize and run the drama team and drama department!


Help to lead and organize games for the kids to play! 


Help organize and distribute snacks each day and clean the kitchen. 


Assists in any matters needed in the office for smooth operations!


Take photos for the VBS photo blog and parish website for the week!


Help lead and work with the preschool kids!

Sing and Play

Help organdie the sing and play time and team!

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