Mass Intentions

Mass Intentions for February 22-28, 2021
Monday, February 22 8:00a.m.

Fr. Michael Cooney (dec) req:  A Parishioner
Don Vermuellen (dec) req: A Parishioner
Special Intention for Peter Nollette req: A Parishioner
Robert & Charlene Kammerer (dec) req: A Parishioner
Sr. Kathleen Sutherland (dec) req: St. Peter Staff
Tuesday, February 23 8:00a.m.
Trudy Schweder (dec) req: Jeanine & Rory Jones
Wednesday, February 24 8:00a.m.
Bob Rosol (dec) req: his grandson, Trent
Al Theut (dec) req: a classmate
Thursday, February 25 8:00a.m.
Marion Leckman (dec) req: Penny Caretti
Friday, February 26 8:00a.m.
Richard Pleban (dec) req: Family
Saturday, February 27 4:00p.m.
Fr. Michael Cooney (dec) req: Larry Powers
John Allemon (dec) req: Family
Raymond Allemon (dec) req: Family
Harold Worley (dec) req: Patty Worley
Kasey Danielle Jones (dec) req: Jeanine Jones
Living & Deceased Members of the Marecki Family req: Family
Sunday, February 28 7:30a.m.
Marilyn Johnson (dec) req: Family
Jackie Sultini (dec) req: Mother, Joyce & Family
Jane Forton (dec) req: Daughter, Joyce & Family
Leslie Kelley (dec) req: the Kelley Family
12:00 Noon
For the Intentions of our Parish Family
Jane Ostrowski (dec) req: Fred & Lisa Spaller
Ted Greff (dec) req: the Greff Family
Krystyna Gref (dec) req: the Greff Family