Why Join a D-Group?

What is a D-Group?

Being a faithful follower of Jesus Christ can be hard, especially when you don't have community and support. It's hard to find people who share your values and want to grow in their faith. D-Groups pray together, talk about life, and serve along side each other. D-Groups are a powerful way to see your faith as more than just a class or event. 
D-Groups are for anyone in 6th-12th grade who want to journey further into their relationship with Jesus. You will be placed in a group(or you can form your own) with 6-10 of your peers! D-Groups are flexible but start with a 5 week commitment where you'll meet with each other in a host home, coffee shop or park! Parents are essential partners in D-Groups and will help to host the group! You'll grow in your faith with the support of your family and a D-Group leader who will become the facilitator and mentor of the group!

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We are inviting every teen to grow into a mature disciple of Jesus Christ. 

A Discipleship Group is a great way to grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus Christ with a mentor and your peers. Sign up below or reach out for more information!