CSA 2020

My Dear Friends,

As we begin our parish's 2020 CSA appeal, I encourage you to be as generous as possible.  Please note, because of the restrictions Covid-19 has placed on us, the Archdiocese has reduced our CSA quota by 15%. Our new goal is $225,978.00.

This money will be used by the Archdiocese of Detroit to respond to the needs to the community and to promote the message of Jesus.  All money collected over our target will be returned to us for parish projects.

I am also aware that we, as a Parish Family, have bills that have to be paid, projects that must be completed, as well as things and experiences that are necessary for our growth as Catholic Christians, and our vocation as Disciples of Christ  

Thank you for your past generosity and pray for the success of the CSA campaign.  
Fr. Mike

You can give online to our CSA Drive at www.givecsa.org