CSA 2022

The Catholic Services Appeal (CSA) provides resources for important ministries, such as our seminary and Catholic education, and many others that help the faithful in our six-county Archdiocese to grow in their relationship with Jesus.  Joining with fellow Catholics across metro Detroit in this initiative, we help "fuel the mission" of the Church in Metro Detroit and help us to fulfill the CSA 2022 obligation for our
parish, which this year is $239,864.  Prayerfully discern the amount you will give over this 10-month campaign.  You can choose a payment plan of one time, monthly or quarterly.

If you are a registered, active parishioner, your pledge information has been mailed to your home from the Archdiocese of Detroit.  You may also (or if  you are new to the parish), give to our campaign online by clicking the button below or use one of the pledge forms located at the Welcome Desk in the vestibule of the church, or in person at the Parish Office.  Note:  For in person gifts or by US Mail, make checks payable to Archdiocese of Detroit – CSA.  If you need help, please contact the parish office at 586-468-4578.
Thank you for your continued generosity!
So, where do our CSA monies go?  The place I want to stress is that a good deal of the funds – over 50%, goes to the
education, support and housing of future priests and deacons either at Pope Saint John XXIII National Seminary (where I went) or at Sacred Heart Major Seminary (where Fr. Christopher attended).  CSA also supports many other programs including the religious education of our children.  
Yet, this year, with no priestly ordinations taking place for the first time in memory within our archdiocese, I emphasize the role your dollars are playing in making future priests.  

The more families that contribute, the lighter the individual loads will become.  Please support your archdiocese, our all-important mission to educate more priests and garner for our historic parish some tax-free resources.  As ever, thanks for your generosity.
In Christ, Your Pastor,
Fr. John