Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the current pandemic, below you will find common questions and answers about returning to the parish!

Do I have to sign up to attend Mass?

No. Mass attendance will be on a first come first serve basis up to capacity!  Once the Church reaches capacity, ushers will seat people in the Hall.  A live-stream from church will be shown in the hall and SME's will bring Communion.

What if I cannot attend Mass yet or do not feel comfortable attending?

If you are unable to attend Mass in person, please continue watching it on our YouTube channel!

Do I have to wear a mask?

Facemasks are to be worn by everyone who enters the church (except for those under 2 years old).  The facemasks are to be removed when approaching Holy Communion.  Please bring your own facemask.  If you are not able to wear a facemask, please continue watching the mass at home.

Do SME's have to wear gloves?

Special Ministers of the Eucharist (SME) are also not permitted to wear gloves during Holy Communion.  The SME will take special precautions to not touch the hand or tongue of the faithful.  If the SME does, he/she must stop immediately to sanitize their hands before proceeding with the next communicant.  Please consider not receiving Holy Communion on the tongue as there could be a spreading of saliva to the fingers of the minister via breath.

How many people can be in the sanctuary for Mass?

Updated Archdiocese of Detroit guidelines now say we can seat 50% of our church building capacity at Mass.    Our church seats 1,000 therefore our new seating guidelines will not permit us to seat more than 500 people per Mass.  Please keep in mind social distancing as you sit in church. Those living in the same household, however, may sit together without social distancing.

Will Communion be the same?

 After Father or the SME’s place the Host in your hand, please step to the side, facing the altar, remove your mask and receive before turning away.
Distribution of the Precious Blood is suspended until further notice.

What will be different about Mass?

The Holy Water and Baptismal fonts will remain empty.
  The hymnals have been removed from the pews to aid in the cleaning process between masses. You are welcome to use your phone to follow along with the readings or to bring your own missal.  As for singing, if you know the song, sing along with your mask remaining on.  

Will cleaning take place regularly?

Cleaning and disinfecting will take place after every mass to reduce the spread of germs.  
In order to disinfect the entire church as requested by the CDC, please try not to come to Mass any earlier than 20 minutes prior to Mass beginning, to facilitate the cleaning.  We also ask that you exit as soon as possible for the same reason.

Are Baptisms,  Weddings, and Funerals taking place?

Baptisms and weddings are currently being rescheduled.  Baptisms are to take place on designated Sundays at 1:30 p.m.  Please call the parish office to make arrangements.  
The restrictions on funeral liturgies has been lifted.  Funeral schedule resumes as usual.  

I had a loved one pass during this pandemic, what can I do about a Funeral? 

For those who have experienced the death of a loved one and unable to hold a funeral mass during the COVID-19 shut-down, we encourage you to call the parish office to schedule a Memorial Mass.  We will assist you in preparing a liturgy that truly celebrates your loved one.

Is Anointing of the Sick available?

The CDC and the Archdiocese of Detroit mandates prohibit any anointing on suspected COVID-19 patients.  Anointing of the sick can only take place in homes because outsiders are still prohibited from entering a hospital or nursing home.

I need to go to Confession, when is that available?

Confessions will take place on Saturdays between 2:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. in the Fr. Welch Hall. 

If you have any other questions not listed above, please call the parish office at (586) 468-4578