Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the current pandemic, below you will find common questions and answers about returning to the parish!

What if I cannot attend Mass yet or do not feel comfortable attending?

If you are unable to attend Mass in person, please continue watching it on our YouTube channel!  While the general dispensation has ended, please see the particular dispensations that are still in effect here: Particular Dispensations.

Do I have to wear a mask?

Those who are fully vaccinated may wear a face-covering and social distance but are no longer required to do so in church.  Those who have not been fully vaccinated are to continue wearing face-coverings and to practice social distancing to protect themselves and others in churches. Because a parish community – and our society – requires mutual trust and a commitment to the common good, each individual is asked to make the best decisions for himself as well as for others. Parishes do not have the responsibility to verify who is and who is not vaccinated.

Do SME's have to wear gloves?

Special Ministers of the Eucharist (SME) are also not permitted to wear gloves during Holy Communion.  The SME will take special precautions to not touch the hand or tongue of the faithful.  If the SME does, he/she must stop immediately to sanitize their hands before proceeding with the next communicant.  Please consider not receiving Holy Communion on the tongue as there could be a spreading of saliva to the fingers of the minister via breath.

Will there still be pews taped off in the church building?

Each parish is to provide a portion of the church – with a size to be determined by the pastor – where social distancing and face-coverings are consistently maintained.  

At St. Peter, the tape will be removed from all the church pews, except for the pews on the right-hand side - from the baptismal font up to the middle.  If you feel more comfortable being socially distanced among others who are still wearing their masks, you may sit here.   

Will Communion be the same?

Clergy and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion should continue to wear masks while distributing Holy Communion.
Distribution of the Precious Blood is suspended until further notice.

I had a loved one pass during this pandemic, what can I do about a Funeral? 

Are Baptisms,  Weddings, and Funerals taking place?

For those who have experienced the death of a loved one and unable to hold a funeral mass during the COVID-19 shut-down, we encourage you to call the parish office to schedule a Memorial Mass.  We will assist you in preparing a liturgy that truly celebrates your loved one.
Baptisms and weddings are currently being rescheduled.  Baptisms are to take place on designated Sundays at 1:30 p.m.  Please call the parish office to make arrangements.  
The restrictions on funeral liturgies has been lifted.  Funeral schedule resumes as usual.  

Is Anointing of the Sick available?

Please call the parish office regarding this Sacrament.  

I need to go to Confession, when is that available?

Confessions will take place on Saturdays between 2:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. in the Fr. Welch Hall. 

If you have any other questions not listed above, please call the parish office at (586) 468-4578