In the Mass and in Eucharistic Adoration we meet the merciful love of God that passes through the Heart of Jesus Christ. 

Pope St. John Paul II

We are so very fortunate to have an Eucharistic Adoration Chapel! The chapel is the crowning jewel of St. Peter Parish. The Chapel is open daily from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM.    Come and spend an hour with Jesus.  
Families welcome! Come and sit with Jesus in the Eucharist. You don’t have to do anything. Just be. The greatest gift God gives us is Himself. If you are worried that you might be a little bored (that’s understandable!), or you have no idea where to start (it’s okay), here are possible suggestions!
  • Just close your eyes and let your mind roll out all that is in it – all your worries, concerns. 
  • Just be present with God.
  • Pray the rosary.
  •  Write in your prayer journal. o
  • Read Scripture or another religious book.
  •  Adoration is another way for us to recognize that gift outside of receiving the Eucharist at Mass. So, don’t overthink it. Just receive the gift.

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